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Body lift necessary when there is excess skin after bariatric surgery or lifestyle changes.
Whenever skin is streched out, there is necessary for skin removal.

So after weight loss, or several pregnancies there is skin excess, which we can remove.
Most often on tummy we can remove excess skin such as Tummy Tuck, or lower body lift.

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Body Lift Surgery Dubai

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What you need to know about the Body lift surgery Dubai?

These surgeries can reshape your body. Most people need a combination of surgeries to get the look they seek. You can have liposuction for body contouring, the excess skin removal and fat transfer to hip dips, buttock, rejuvenation purposes on face or any other part of the body.


  • Excess skin removal surgeries are major surgeries done in hospital. You can expect pain for a few weeks.
  • Most often on tummy we can remove excess skin such as Tummy Tuck, or lower body lift. Upper body, like upper body lift, bra lift.
    On upper arms, like arm lift.
    Inner thigh like inner thigh lift.
    Breast lift in simple lift procedure, or combination with implant.
  • Your scars are permanent. It is important to have realistic expectations as plastic surgery can improve appearance, but it can’t give you a perfect body shape.
  • It also can’t hep you to lose more weight beyond the weight of the tissues your surgeon removes.
  • When your expectations are realistic and not gaining weight after, you will feel comfortable and happy with your result

“Nothing makes you more Beautiful, than the belief that you are Beautiful”

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most common questions, what my patients have been asking.

How to prepare for surgeries?

If you are considering operation, try to get as much informations before, as you can. Search on the internet about it. If you brave enough look on YouTube the exact procedures, so you can get exact idea, how we are doing these surgeries.

When you decide, visit your doctor for consultation, where you can ask all your questions. The doctor will explain the suitable operation for you, the scars and all circumstances.

Is it painful the surgery?

Sure. Each surgery has some pain after. Pain killers are helpful in that period, you can take as much as necessary.

What is the recovery period?

Short healing period is 7 days. Longer soft tissue healing time can be 2-6 months. You should be patient, as you will see gradual soft tissue changes even for longer period of time. During the first 2-3 weeks not recommended any physical activity, like running, swimming, jym, sex, etc. You can drive after one week, it is safe for you.

What are the necessary things before the surgery?

Before the surgery we are asking mandatory laboratory and other necessary tests.
3-5 days before is advisable to use Betadine skin cleanser for shower.
Please don’t eat from midnight and don’t drink six hours before the surgery.
Wear very comfortable clothes, like loose jogging.
Leave all your valuable things at home, like jewellery.

When does the scar disappears?

Scars are living with us, never disappearing. Type of our scars are hereditary. The best option, when our scars are hidden in natural creases, hidden with underwear and become thin white lines. Sometime scars become more visible, like hard reddish tissues. We might treat them with Steroid creams or injection, massage, laser, pressure garment. Cheloid also may happen, which is tumor formation after trauma. It can be treated with radiation therapy also.
If you have scar on your body, you might have the same type of scars after plastic surgeries too.

How long the result will last?

Aesthetic surgery results might stay for 5-6 years, or longer period of time. We are getting older by time, our tissues  and skin are getting looser,  less elastic. You might ask corrections any time later.

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