Liposuction price in Dubai

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LIPOSUCTION price in dubai

Suctioning out the fat from any part of the body can give better shape, but not weight loss.

The most often asked regions are abdomen, love handles, inner-outer tights, under chin, upper arms, back, above ankles, any other region, where there is excess fat.

AED 20 – 25K

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Tummy Tuck

We remove the excess skin between the belly button and genital area, plus tighten the muscles, so you will have slimmer waist line and firm tummy wall.

Face Lift

Removes the skin and soft tissue excess. Adding micro and nano fat injections, the skin quality and color becomes much better.

Breast Enlargement

Insertion the proper size silicone implants can enlarge your breast one or two cup sizes.


Suctioning out the fat from any part of the body can give better shape, but not weight loss.

Mastopexy (Breast lift)

Breast may be saggy because of age, pregnancy and weight loss. Breast lift is removing the excess skin, positioning the nipple-areola complex on ideal place, correcting asymmetry, reshaping and firming it. Can be combined with enlargement or reduction.

Breast Reduction

Big breast can cause back and neck pain. Reducing 300-800gr can get rid of fluent pain and get comfort.

Fat transfer

We remove fat tissue from tummy, back, flank, inner-outer thigh and transfer to your face, hip dips, buttock, calf, hands, etc.

Arm Lift

360 degree liposuction combined with skin removal can enhance your arms.

Upper Eyelid Surgery

Tired look ot baggy eyes can be corrected by upper or lower blepharoplasty. It doesn’t change the shape of your eyes or your vision. It improves the appearance of your eyelids.

Otoplasty Surgery

Genetic differences can cause protruding or misshapen ears. We can correct it before
school age or any time. We can remove some cartilage and reshape it to look normal.

Skin Removal Surgery

Skin removal necessary when there is excess skin after bariatric surgery or lifestyle changes.


Enlarged male breast can be reduced by liposuction and direct glandular tissue removal.

Rhynoplasty Surgery

Big wide nose, nasal hump, assymetry, breathing problems may cause lowered self esteem.
We are doing nose surgery to create natural looking nose, that promotes your facial harmony, depending on your ethnicity and desire.